How to increase Battery Life in Android Smart Phones

Android smart series is gaining popularity day by day. On one hand, it’s making our lives faster but on the other hand, its own battery life runs flat too fast. This is one of the most often Android problems. Unfortunately, we have to face the fact that our Android device will never run for as long as old simple mobile phones used to some years ago.   This is the price we have to pay for having the smartest devices in the world.

However, if there is a problem, then there should be a way out always, so we can do something to extend the battery life of any Android smartphone series.

What we have to do, is to show a little smartness to our Android smartphones to get rid of anything that’s eating up your battery unnecessarily. We have to only follow these tips:

⦁ Disable Wi-Fi:
In most cases, if we are not using Wi-Fi or we are out of the range of a Wi-Fi router then we should disable it and should not use it.

⦁ Disable GPS:
The same goes for GPS; if there is no need of using a GPS connection then we should disable it and should not use it.

⦁ Closing background apps:
A number of unnecessary apps running in the background, we should make a habit to close it frequently.

⦁ Lower screen brightness:
Setting our Android phone screen brightness to zero or minimum or we can also set it to auto, as many phones give this option too.

⦁ Turning ON Power Saver:
By turning ON Power Saver we can save our Android smartphones battery’s life if we cannot charge it at-once. In most of the smartphone series, we can find that power saver option on the topmost dragging part of the phone and make it on.

⦁ Battery app Manager:
We can also use some battery app to manage apps or to kill un-used files on the phone.
These are the simplest ways of increasing the battery of Android Smartphones.

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