Natural Ways to Straighten Hair Without Chemicals

Every one people believes that a physical look is very important. As our society choose the United States by our outer look. every people needs an ideal look in each approach either it’s our body form, hair, skin, or the other kind.

When it involves hair, hairs are the reflection of our identity. Women take their hair problems terribly seriously because it affects their vanity. once women’s hair goes frizzy, turning gray, obtaining dry, or harm it extremely affects their assured. a number of United States have permed and wavy hairs. however, once they wanted to straighten their hairs.

They use a significant chemical product that becomes the rationale of their hair harm. desire silklike, straight and manageable hairs are each girl want. therefore to urge excellent hairs while not damaging them, here we tend to ar sharing some natural tips with you.

Tie wet hairs tightly:

To make your hair look straight without using iron. One must wrap their wet hairs. First divided your hairs into two parts. Then comb the left portion all over to the right and tie around the back of your neck and then pin them up. Same procedure repeat with right side hairs. Flip the right section over the left side, wrap and pin them up. Then leave them to dry completely naturally.

Wrap your hairs in a bun:

It goes best for long hair. Because long hairs are difficult to manage. This technique does not give you the perfect straight look. But helps in managing your hairs. It is a time-consuming tip. When you are running out of time. Hold your wet hairs like a ponytail near your scalp then twist the hair with the other hand and roll the twisted hair into a bun by using a bobby pin or catcher. And leave them until they dry naturally.

Using a roller:

This also may help you in keeping your hair straight and manageable. Use hair rollers according to the length of your hairs. If you have short hairs, use small rollers and if you have long hairs, then use the large roller. Take a roller and start wrapping your wet hairs and place it around your head. And secure the rollers in their place by using bobby pins. Leave them to dry naturally.

Brush your hairs until they get dry:

This is the most simple and easy way to give your hair a straight look. After taking a shower to pick a brush and start brushing your hair until they get dry. By doing this in front of a fan will reduce the time. This process helps to avoid the waves.

Wrap your hair with a ponytail:

Before going to sleep pick your wet hairs and divide them into small portions. Tie your hair with a ponytail and then add elastic every inch or so down the ponytail, in order to hold them all together. Don’t tie your hairs tightly because tightening your hairs may leave noticeable marks on your hairs. Then go to sleep and open it in the morning.

Use straight brushes:

Avoid round brushes as they basically used when one wants to curl their hair or to add more volume. For straight hair use straight brushes that comb your hair straight. And help to keep them away from unwanted waves of your hair.

Using a natural hair mask:

Natural merchandise is perpetually best as they don’t embody any chemical nor harm your hair from any perspective. There are multiple natural ingredients that are able to assist you to keep your hair straight.

Like, use a cup of oil with honey, combine them well and apply it on your hairs from scalp to tow. Leave it for AN hour then washed it up with cold water. you’ll be able to conjointly use several different natural marks.

Like, take three strawberries with a cup of milk and 2tps of honey. create a paste apply it on your head and massage it, then leave it for two hours. when 2 hours rinse it with shampoo and comb your hair with a wide-toothed hair comb.

You can conjointly create oil and egg paste. Take two eggs and 1tsp oil in an exceeding bowl. Section your hair in tiny elements then apply a mask on every section, cowl every section with foil, leave it for two hours then rinse it off and comb your hair with a wide-toothed hair comb.

These all tips are sure enough about to assist you and scale back your tension as on top of we offer you multiple selections that however you’ll be able to straight your hairs while not harming your hairs.

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