How Would I Do The New Version Of Windows

Do you understand what version of Windows you’ve got? whereas you always do not have to be compelled to understand the precise version variety for no matter Windows version you have put in, general data regarding the software package version you are running is incredibly vital.

Everyone ought to understand 3 things regarding the Windows version they need installed: the most important version of Windows, like 10, 8, 7, etc.; the edition of that Windows version, like Pro, Ultimate, etc.; and whether or not that Windows version is 64-bit or 32-bit.

If you do not understand what version of Windows you’ve got, you will not understand what code you’ll be able to install, that service program to decide on to update — you’ll not even understand that directions to follow for facilitate with something!

Keep in mind that the task bar icons and begin Menu entries in these pictures won’t be precisely what you’ve got on your laptop. However, the structure and general look of every begin Button are going to be a similar, goodbyes you do not have a custom begin Menu put in.

How to notice the Windows Version With a Command
While the photographs and knowledge below is that the best thanks to verify the version of Windows you are running, it is not the sole method. there is additionally a command you’ll be able to run on your laptop that may show Associate in Nursing regarding Windows screen with the Windows version enclosed.

It’s very easy to try and do this notwithstanding the version of Windows area unit} running; the steps are identical.

Just invoke the Run panel with the Windows Key+R keyboard cutoff (hold down the Windows key and so press R once). Once that box shows up, enter winver (it stands for Windows version).

Windows 10

Screenshot of the Windows 10 Start Menu and desktop

You have Windows ten if you see a begin Menu like this once you click or faucet the beginning Button from the desktop. If you right-click the beginning Menu, you will see the ability User Menu.

The Windows ten edition you’ve got put in, still because the system sort (64-bit or 32-bit), will all be found listed within the System application program up to the mark Panel.

Windows ten is that the name given to Windows version ten.0 and is that the latest version of Windows. If you simply got a replacement PC, there is a ninety nine likelihood you’ve got Windows ten put in. (Maybe nearer to ninety nine.9%!)

The Windows version range for Windows ten is 10.

Windows 8 or 8.1

Screenshot of the Windows 8 desktop

You have Windows eight.1 if you see a begin Button on the bottom-left of the desktop and sound or clicking it takes you to the beginning menu.

You have Windows eight if you do not see a begin Button in any respect on the desktop.

The Power User Menu once right-clicking the beginning Button in Windows ten, is additionally on the market in Windows eight.1 (and identical is true for right-clicking the corner of the screen in Windows 8).

The edition of Windows eight or eight.1 you are exploitation, further as info on whether or not or not that version of Windows eight is 32-bit or 64-bit, is all found up to the mark Panel from the System application program.

If you are not positive if you are running Windows eight.1 or Windows eight, you may additionally see that info listed within the System application program.

Windows 8.1 is that the name given to Windows version six.3, and Windows eight is Windows version six.2.

Windows 7

Screenshot of the Windows 7 Start Menu and desktop

You have Windows seven if you see a begin Menu that appears like this once you click the beginning Button.

The Windows seven & Windows prospect (below) begin Buttons and begin Menus look terribly similar. The Windows seven begin Button, however, fits fully within the task bar, in contrast to the beginning Button in Windows prospect.

Information on that Windows seven edition you have got, furthermore as whether or not it’s 64-bit or 32-bit, is all obtainable within the board within the System application.

Windows 7 is that the name given to Windows version 6.1.

Windows Vista

Screenshot of the Windows Vista Start Menu and desktop

You have Windows view if, when clicking the beginning Button, you see a begin Menu that appears a great deal like this.

Note: As i discussed within the Windows seven section higher than, each versions of Windows have similar begin Buttons and begin Menus. a method to inform them apart is to seem at the beginning Button — the one in Windows view, in contrast to in Windows seven, extends higher than and below the task bar.

Information on the Windows view edition you are victimization, also as whether or not your version of Windows view is 32-bit or 64-bit, ar all accessible from the System application program, that you’ll realize au fait Panel.

Windows view is that the name given to Windows version 6.0.

Windows XP

Screenshot of the Windows XP Start Menu and desktop

You have Windows XP if the beginning Button includes each a Windows emblem additionally because the word “Start.” In newer versions of Windows, as you’ll see on top of, this button is simply a button (without text).

Another way the Windows XP begin Button is exclusive compared with newer versions of Windows is that it’s horizontal with a snakelike right edge. The others, as seen on top of, area unit either a circle or sq..

Like alternative versions of Windows, you’ll notice your Windows XP edition and design sort from the System application program up to speed Panel.
Windows XP is that the name given to Windows version 5.1.
Unlike with newer versions of Windows, the 64-bit version of Windows XP was given its own version number: Windows version 5.2.


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