How Will You Use Airplay On Your Ipad

Airplay is the best way to mirror your iPad’s display on your TV via Apple TV, and if you are watching a streaming video or using apps built for Airplay, the iPad is capable of sending full-screen video to your TV. Air Play also works with compatible speakers, allowing you to wirelessly stream your music. This is similar to Bluetooth, but because it uses your Wi-Fi network, you can stream from longer distances.

How to Use AirPlay

  • First, you will need to double click the Home Button to access the new control panel. You can also slide your finger up from the very bottom of the screen to display the same menu. Read More About the iPad’s Control Panel
  • If you are trying to connect to an Apple TV, a Screen Mirroring button will appear just below the brightness and volume controls. Tap it to bring up screen mirroring options.
  • All available devices for Airplay will show in this menu, so if you have multiple Apple TVs in your house, they will show up here.
  • If you are connecting to some other Airplay-compatible device like a speaker system, you should see a button for it in the same place the Screen Mirroring button appears.
  • To activate Airplay, tap the button and then choose your device from the menu that appears. If this is the first time using the iPad with Apple TV, you may be asked to enter a code that is displayed on your TV’s screen to pair the devices.

What to Do If the Screen Mirroring Button Doesn’t Appear

The first thing to check is the power. The iPad will not see the Apple TV if it is not powered on.

Next, check the Wi-Fi connection. Make sure both devices are connected and that they are connected to the same network. If you use Wi-Fi extenders or a dual-band router, you may have multiple Wi-Fi networks in your house. The Apple TV and the iPad must be one the same network.

If everything checks out but you still can’t get the Airplay button to appear, reboot both devices one at a time. First, reboot Apple TV. After it reboots, wait several seconds for the Internet connection to be established and check to see if Airplay is working. If not, reboot your iPad and check the connection after the iPad powers back on.

If you still cannot get it working, you will need to contact Apple Support.

Find out more about using Apple TV with the iPad.

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