How Will You Block Text Messages On Android Or Iphone

Sometimes it’s necessary to block people so they can’t contact you anymore on your cell phone. It’s not as simple as it seems because blocking incoming texts depends on your specific phone and carrier.

To make things easier, this article outlines how to block text messages on each major phone and cell service carrier in the U.S. This guide includes instructions for:

  • iPhone
  • Android manufacturers such as Google, Samsung, HTC, and more
  • Specific carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

How to Block Text Messages on iPhone

There are four methods to block messages on iPhone. Any of these methods will block phone calls, messages, and Face Time requests from the person.

Block Texts iPhone
 Block annoying texts directly through iMessages.

Here’s what to do using the iMessages platform.

Method 1

1. Open iMessages.

2. Tap on the message you wish to block.

3. Select the i icon at the top right of your screenNote: This applies to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X using version 10.3.3 and up. On older iPhones using an earlier build, the i icon may say “Details” but is still located at the top right.

4. In the Details screen, tap the arrow to the right of the contact.

5. Tap Block this Caller.

6. Tap Block Contact in the confirmation screen that pops up.

Method 2

Alternatively, if you wish to block a caller who hasn’t sent a text message, tap the number, and then follow steps 3-6 above.

Method 3

You can also block messages directly from your contact list by tapping the contact and then following steps 3-6 above.

There’s one more way to block messages on iPhone.

Block iPhone Messages
 Block Messages on iOS Manually.

Method 4

1. Go to Settings.

2. Scroll down and select Messages.

3a. (Optional) Tap the slider next to Filter Unknown Senders to turn off notifications for anyone not in your contact list. You’ll still receive texts from unknown callers under a new tab called Unknown Senders, which won’t trigger notifications.

3b. Select Blocked.

4. Tap Add New.

5. Type in the number or email address you wish to block, and tap OK.

6. Tap Block Contact in the confirmation screen that pops up.

How to Block Texts on Android

Blocking unwanted texts in Android depends on the app you’re using. In addition, mobile carriers often have proprietary apps on their networks. Your specific process will depend on which phone you’re using and whether the carrier app is active.

Let’s start with Google phones, which use a different texting app than other Android models. After that, you’ll see instructions for other phone manufacturers.

Use The Google Message Blocker

Google phones like the Pixel and Nexus use Android Messages as the default texting app. Android Messages can also be downloaded from the Play Store on any Android phone or used on the web with a desktop PC.

There are two methods to block texts through Android Messages, both of which will block both texts and calls.

Block texts Android Messages
 Select the conversation and block easily with Google apps.

Method 1

1. Open Android Messages.

2. Tap and hold the conversation from the contact you wish to block. When selected, it will place a check mark to the left of the conversation.

3. Tap the circle with the line through it at the top right of your screen.

4. Tap Block. You can also forward the spammer’s last 10 messages to Google to report it as spam.

This method also works if you use Google Voice or Google Hangouts as your default texting application.

Block Texts on Android Messages
 You can also block Android Messages texts within the conversation.

Method 2

1. From within a message itself, tap the three dots at the top right of the screen.

2. Select People & options.

3. Select Block _____

4. Tap Block again.

Block Texts With HTC, Huawei, Lenovo/Motorola, LG, Samsung, and ZTE Text Blocker

The rest of Android’s phones use the default Messages app for Android. If you haven’t downloaded Android Messages from the Play Store and set it as your new default messaging app, use one of these two methods to block a contact.

Block texts on Android Phones
 Phones not manufactured by Google use the same default Messages app.

Method 1

1. Open the conversation with the person you wish to block.

2. Tap the three dots at the top right of the screen.

3. Select Block number.

4. Tap OK. You can also select the radio button to Delete conversation if you don’t want to save the conversation for later usage (such as proving to the police or courts that you are being harassed in extreme situations).

Block texts on Android phones
 Alternate method to block numbers from contacting you on Android.

Method 2

1. Open Messages.

2. Tap the three dots at the top right of the screen.

3. Select Settings.

4. Select Block numbers and messages.

5. Select Block numbers.

6. Type the number you wish to block in the text bar. You can also select Inbox to block conversations from your Messages inbox or Contacts to block people from your contacts list.

7. Tap the green plus sign to add the number to your blocked list.

Block Spam Text Messages on Specific Carriers

If none of the above options work for you, your mobile carrier overrode the default (iOS or Android) system settings with their own app to block texts and calls. Use the below steps to block contacts on specific carriers.

Block Numbers and Texts on AT&T

There are two methods to block unwanted messages on AT&T phones.

Block Texts on ATT
 Report spam texts to AT&T.

Method 1 – Forward to SPAM

1. Tap and hold the message you want to forward.

2. Select Report as spam.

3. Select OK.

4. You’ll receive a response asking for the sender’s phone number. Enter it and send.

Alternatively, you can select Forward to forward the message to 7726 (SPAM). You’ll receive a response asking for the sender’s phone number. Enter it and send.

ATT Call Protect
 AT&T’s Call Protect app automatically blocks some spam numbers.

Method 2 – AT&T Call Protect app

The AT&T Call Protect app automatically filters known spam numbers. You can also manually add numbers to the block list.

1. Open AT&T Call Protect.

2. Select the Block tab.

3. Tap the blue plus button at the bottom right of the screen.

4. Select Enter a number. Alternatively, you can choose to select from your call log or contacts.

5. Enter phone number to block and tap Block.

Block Contacts on Sprint

There are two methods to block texts on Sprint. These blocks stay in effect for 90 days, at which point you need to renew it.

Block texts on Sprint
 The Sprint website has a plethora of blocking options.

Method 1 – Website

 1. Log in to your Sprint account at

2. Navigate to My Preferences > Limits and Permissions > Block texts.

3. Click on the phone or device you want to block the number for.

4. Select Block all text messages inbound and outbound.

5. Type the phone number, email address, short code, or domain address.

6. Click Save.

7. Reset your phone.

Block texts on Sprint
 Report spam texts to Sprint directly.

Method 2 – Forward to 9999

1. Start a new text conversation to 9999.

2. Type Block (insert number, email, short code, or domain address). In the above screenshot, we’re blocking phone number 610-369-0208.

3. Tap Send. You’ll receive a confirmation from Sprint that the number is now blocked for texts.

Block Spam Text Messages on T-Mobile

T-Mobile uses the Android/iOS text message blocking options described above. Just use the steps for Android or iOS shown above.

Block Texts on Verizon

Block Texts Verizon
 Block texts using the Verizon website/app.

To block texts on Verizon, use Block Calls & Messages. These blocks stay in effect for 90 days, at which time you need to renew it.

1. Open the My Verizon app.

2. Tap the Menu at the top left corner of your screen.

3. Tap Devices.

4. Select the device you want to block texts for and tap Manage.

5. Select the Controls tab.

6. Tap Call and Message Blocking.

7. Tap Add number.

8. Enter a number to block and tap Block number.

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