How To Sell Or Trade Best Sites Using Electronics

It’s easy to just throw out unused, broken, or old computers, phones, TVs, headphones, and other electronics. It goes without saying there are negative environmental impacts to doing that but you’re also missing out on an opportunity to make a few bucks.

Besides donating or recycling, another popular option is to sell your used electronics for money, something you can do right at home or work, usually without fees.

To sell used electronics online, you have to answer some questions to value the items, print off a free shipping label, package the products in a box that you or the company provides, and then send it off. Once they receive the items and verify that the condition is as you described, it’s common for them to pay you via a check, PayPal, gift card, or some other means just a few days later.

When you sell old electronics, it might be to a company that purchases them for parts or to resell them to their customers, or you might be selling directly to other people wanting inexpensive, used products.

No matter where they end up, look through these trade-in websites first before tossing out your old phone, laptop, tablet, video game, MP3 player, etc. You might find that they’re actually worth something, or at least worth more than they are in the trash!

What to Do Before Trading In

It might be tempting to just fly through the questions you’re asked on the trade-in website, print the shipping label, and send off your laptop, phone, or tablet to wait for your payment. There are two reasons why that isn’t a good idea.

First, the questions you’re asked on these websites are important in valuing the item you want to sell. Everything you send will be looked over before you get any money anyway, so if you give inaccurate information or completely false details, they might just send the item back and force you to repeat the whole process over again. You’ll spend much more time doing that, rather than just answering truthfully and slowly the first time through.

Another reason to take your time when you’re selling used electronics online is that there is a lot of personal data that you need to look over and decide whether to delete or back up before you sell them.

If you’re selling a laptop or desktop computer, and you’ve already saved everything you want to keep, you should seriously consider wiping the hard drive clean. This will remove every file on the hard drive and prevent the next owner from possibly retrieving your information.

There’s a chance that some of these trade-in services will wipe your phone or hard drive for you, but some explicitly say that you are fully responsible for erasing any data. Fortunately, it’s not hard to wipe a hard drive, and you can easily reset your phone or tablet (both iOS and Android) if you’re trading in one of those.

Also remember that any headphones, skins, stickers, or other personal items that are on or in the device will probably not be returned to you should you include them in the box. Only have in the box the exact product(s) you’re selling


Screenshot of the Decluttr website

What We Like

  • Good shipping policies.
  • Simple site navigation.
  • Mobile-app integration.

What We Don’t Like

  • Relatively small market share.
  • Unappealing site design.

Decluttr lets you sell (and buy) all sorts of new and old electronics. You’ll get paid the day after they receive your stuff, all shipments are insured for free, and you’re guaranteed the first price you’re quoted, else they’ll send your item back to you for free.

The website is really easy to use. Just search for whatever it is you want to sell and choose between GoodPoor, or Faulty to rate the condition of the product before you add it to your basket. You can even scan items into your account with the Decluttr mobile app.

You can include up to 500 items in one basket and you’ll always see the value of each of them before you add them to your cart. If you add more than one thing, you’ll see the total amount that Decluttr will pay you for everything you’re wanting to sell.

When you’re ready to confirm the order, you’ll be able to print off a free shipping label to attach to the box (which you need to provide yourself) and send it off without fees. If you don’t have access to a printer, Decluttr can send you the shipping label through the mail.

There’s a $5 USD minimum limit for every order. This means that whatever you’re selling to Decluttr has to be worth at least $5 before you can complete the order.

If the condition of your electronics ends up being different than what you explained online, and therefore the offer price changes, Decluttr will contact you with a revised offer.

How you get paid: PayPal, direct deposit, or check. You can also donate your earnings to charity

What they take: MacBooks, Apple TVs, cell phones, iPods, game consoles, video games, Kindle E-readers, tablets, and wearables


Screenshot of the BuyBackWorld website

What We Like

  • Lots of item types.
  • Simple item-rating system.

What We Don’t Like

  • Focus is on sales, not trade.
  • Unclear what criteria determine an offer price for custom quotes.

Your next best option is to use BuyBackWorld, which will buy back over 30,000 products! In fact, if you can’t find what you want to sell on their website, you can get a custom quote.

Like some of these other electronics trade-in sites, follow the on-screen instructions to answer questions about the item and then print the shipping label. You don’t need to provide much information about each product other than the condition: Poor/BrokenAverageExcellent, or New.

If you can’t print the shipping label, they also let you request a free shipping kit, which includes a bubble wrap pack and prepaid shipping label. However, that might take a week to arrive, whereas printing the label lets you ship it out that same day.

Another feature that makes BuyBackWorld a unique place to sell electronics is that for qualifying items, you can use the “BuyBackWorld Quick Pay” option to get paid the very next day after they receive your order. You have to take a price cut to do this, but if you want the money sooner, this might be a better option for you.

If you need to sell in bulk, you can do that too!

How you get paid: PayPal or check

What they take: Laptops, speakers, headphones, video cameras, phones, tablets, gaming consoles, smartwatches, streaming media devices (e.g. Chromecast, WD TV, Roku), camera lenses, wearables, calculators, iPods, MP3 players, Apple computers and accessories, PDAs, GPS (e.g. handheld, in-car, watches), video games, USB modems, wireless hotspots, network extenders, home automation devices, and more.


Screenshot of the Gazelle website

What We Like

  • The in-person kiosks are an interesting way to get cash fast.
  • Easy option to re-quote if your item isn’t as described.
  • Good market visibility.

What We Don’t Like

  • Prices aren’t always as competitive.
  • Limited categories of item’s they’ll accept.

Like the other cash-for-electronics websites in this list, Gazelle gives you an offer for the item you want to sell so that you can ship it to them and get paid.

In the example above, you can see that when selling a phone, you need to describe how well it works. If it’s broken, be sure to say that. If it shows normal signs of use but doesn’t have any cracks or power issues, you might say that its condition is Good. If the phone is like-new, you can describe it as Flawless to get the most money out of it.

After running through the “Get Offer” section to pick the product and describe its condition, select one of the payment options and then provide your address so they can make you a personalized free shipping label.

One benefit to Gazelle over some of these other electronics trade-in websites is that you have the option for them to send you a box for free (if the order is valued at over $30), which is perfect if you don’t already have one. The shipping label will come with the box, too, which is an added benefit for those of you without a printer.

We also like that if Gazelle rejects your item once they receive it (if they decide that it’s in worse condition than what you described), they’ll give you a revised offer that you have five days to accept. If you reject the new price, they’ll send your item back to you for free.

Payments are usually processed a week after they get your item.

If you’re a business that needs to sell used electronics, and you have more than 10 items to trade in at once, you can send those old phones, computers, and other devices to Gazelle in bulk.

How you get paid: Amazon gift card, PayPal, or check. You can also use a Kiosk for immediate cash

What they take: Phones, tablets, Apple computers, iPods, and Apple TVs


Screenshot of the iGotOffer website

What We Like

  • Straightforward site design.
  • Plenty of options to describe your item.

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited range of items they’ll accept.
  • Not a well-known player in the market.

iGotOffer buys mostly Apple products but you can also get money for some Microsoft, Samsung, and Google electronics. You can send your products through UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

To use this website, first, pick a primary category through the link below. On the next page, select the particular product you’re wanting to sell and then answer any questions about it.

Every product has different questions but they might include details about the model, carrier, storage capacity, memory, and accessories.

Once iGotOffer receives the item, they need up to four business days to process it and send you the payment.

How you get paid: Amazon gift card, check, or PayPal

What they take: Phones (Samsung, Apple, and Google), Macbooks, Mac Pros, iMacs, iPads, iPods, Apple Watches, tablets (Apple and Samsung), Apple TVs, Apple HomePod, Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Surface Book, Microsoft Surface Laptop, Xbox (One and One X), Hololens, and more


Screenshot of the Amazon trade-in website

What We Like

  • You probably already have an Amazon account.
  • Instant Payment system is good if your transaction qualifies.

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited to Amazon credit only, no cash.
  • Amazon’s pricing logic model isn’t always obvious.

Amazon is one of the most popular places to buy and sell things online between other Amazon customers. However, they also have a trade-in program that lets you sell electronics directly to Amazon for gift cards in return. All you have to do is print the shipping label and send the item to Amazon.

You can easily spot Amazon products that can be traded in for money by looking for the Trade in now button on any product page. You can also follow the link below to search for products that are part of the trade-in program.

After you answer a few questions about the condition of the product, enter your address and print the shipping label that goes on the box. Amazon does not provide a shipping box for you.

There’s also an option during checkout where you can choose what Amazon should do if the item you send is of a lower value than what you’re quoted online. You can have them ship it back to you for free or you can choose to automatically accept the lower price.

Some Amazon products are eligible for what’s called “Instant Payment,” which means if you trade in one of those items, you’ll get paid immediately once your order has been confirmed. Others only pay out after Amazon receives and confirms the order.

How you get paid: Amazon gift card

What they take: Kindle E-readers, phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, and video game


Screenshot of the Glyde website

What We Like

  • Emphasis on community purchasing.
  • Greater odds of getting a better price than a one-and-done quote from the site.
  • Glyde works as an honest broker for user-to-user purchases.

What We Don’t Like

  • Site isn’t well known.
  • Site navigation can sometimes prove counter-intuitive.

You can also sell electronics through Glyde but it’s a bit different because instead of just straight up trading your item for cash, you choose a custom price that you want for it. People wanting to buy used electronics on Glyde can see your listing and purchase it from you through the website.

However, some products you sell through Glyde will be marked as a “Guaranteed Sale” to indicate that you’ll for sure get paid a specific amount if you send it in, without having to wait for someone to buy it. For example, an iPhone 8 might be listed as a guaranteed sale because Glyde will send it in for repair and then resell it as a used phone.

When you sell something through Glyde, they send you a prepaid label and shipping container that you put the item in. Glyde takes care of insuring your package, sending you tracking information, and delivering it to the buyer. You’re paid for your electronics three days after Glyde delivers it to the buyer.

When you list an item on Glyde, you need to decide what kind of condition it’s in, but your options are different for different products so that you can be really specific. For example, if you’re selling a video game, you might be asked to pick from NewExcellentGood, or Disc Only. An iPhone will have more questions like whether it turns on, can hold a charge, has any scratches, etc.

Pay close attention to the “In your pocket” price when you sell your electronics on Glyde. There are transaction and mailer fees that are scraped off the price you set, so if your item sells, you won’t get all of what you set the price for.

If you’re buying from Glyde, the website also makes it easy to trade in your own products to reduce the total price of your purchase. You can also sell in bulk on Glyde.

How you get paid: Money gets deposited into your Glyde account, after which you can withdraw it straight to your bank, request a paper check, or convert it to Bitcoin

What they take: Video games, tablets, iPods, phones, laptops, and accessories


Screenshot of the NextWorth website

What We Like

  • Fast payments.
  • $10 gap guarantee.

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited categories of products.
  • Site isn’t well known.

NextWorth is another website where you can sell used electronics, but they only buy items if they fall within a few categories: phone, tablet, or wearable. This means you can’t sell old computers, TVs, video games, hard drives, headphones, gaming consoles, etc.

However, NextWorth is still 100% free to use, insures your shipments, gives you tracking information, can pay through PayPal, and guarantees the trade-in quote for 30 days. They even let you sell old electronics at supported retail stores to get cash back the same day.

Something else worth noting about NextWorth is that they allow a $10 gap between the quote you see online and the value they determine upon receiving your item. For example, if the website values your tablet at $60 but after sending it in, they physically inspect it and value it at $55, they’ll still honor the trade-in value you were quoted online.

When you’re ready to ship out the item, you’ll be asked to print the free shipping label, but you won’t get paid instantly. If you chose the PayPal option, you’ll get paid within two days after they’ve inspected your item. Checks are sent within five days.

How you get paid: PayPal or check

What they take: Smartphones, tablets, and wearable


Screenshot of the Canitcash website where you can trade in electronics for cash

What We Like

  • Many payment options.
  • Easy-to-use interface.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not well known and not fundamentally different from similar sites.
  • Limited questions about your item raise odds of problems later.

Canitcash is another place you can sell your broken, old, or unused electronics online, and the site is super easy to use. There are some unique payment options with this one, so chances are you’ll have no problem getting paid back.

Like some of these other cash-for-electronics companies, Canitcash provides you with an instant quote online before you send them the item. After identifying the brand and model of the device, you’re asked just two questions: its condition and functionality.

If you’re satisfied with the estimate, print off the free UPS shipping label and apply it to your package. Drop it off at any UPS location and wait for payment.

How you get paid: Check, PayPal, Venmo, Amazon gift card, Google Pay, or Chase QuickPay

What they take: Laptops, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, virtual reality headsets, robot vacuums, smart home devices, and wearables

Best Buy

Screenshot of the Best Buy trade-in website
Best Buy

What We Like

  • Easy to use.
  • Work with bricks-and-mortar locations.

What We Don’t Like

  • Payment in store credit.
  • Pricing logic isn’t always obvious.

Best Buy also has its own trade-in program for electronics. In fact, they support more products than the majority of the websites on this list. Plus, the website is super easy to use.

Here’s how to sell old electronics to Best Buy: Visit the link below to browse or search for the item you want to sell, and then answer any questions that pertain to that product so that you can get an accurate quote. Once you add the item to your basket, pick the mail-in trade-in option and then enter in your shipping information to print the free shipping label.

What we like most about Best Buy’s trade-in service is that it’s really detailed but also has room for products that aren’t even listed. For example, if you’re trading in an old laptop, there are over a dozen brands you can pick from but you can also choose Other Brand if it’s not listed. Not only that, you can pick “other” for the CPU and OS, too, and as long as the computer works, you’ll likely get something for it.

Like similar websites that buy used electronics, Best Buy lets you send multiple items in the same box and with the same shipping label. Just use the Add Another Product button when you’re on the basket page to include something else.

You have to provide your own box to ship the item, but the label is 100% free. If you don’t have a box or want money for your electronics even faster, you can take them to a Best Buy store.

How you get paid: Best Buy gift card

What they take: Phones, laptops, desktops, Apple TVs, tablets, iPods, MP3 players, Microsoft Surface, TV remotes, gaming consoles and controllers, video games, smartwatches, headphones, and cameras


Screenshot of the Target trade-in website

What We Like

  • Integration with Target’s retail locations.
  • Easy-to-use website.

What We Don’t Like

  • Payment in gift cards.
  • Pricing logic isn’t always transparent.
  • Limited range of items.

Target’s buy-back program isn’t much different than the others in this list but it’s perfect if you’re wanting a Target gift card in exchange for your used electronics. Just print the shipping label and send the package directly to Target.

Another small difference in using Target to sell electronics is that they usually only ask a couple questions. For example, if you’re trading in a video game, you’re asked if it’s working and if you have the original case. For others, like a game console, you might need to say how large the hard drive is and if you’re also selling the controllers.

When it’s time to print the shipping label, you can get one for UPS or Fedex, whichever you prefer. You can also trade in electronics at a physical Target store.

How you get paid: Target gift card

What they take: Phones, tablets, video games, game consoles, wearables, and voice speakers

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