How To Pair A Bluetooth Headset To Your IPhone

 Using a Bluetooth headset can be a liberating experience. Instead of holding your phone next to your ear, you simply pop a headset into your ear. It keeps your hands free, which is not just convenient — it’s also a much safer way to use your phone while driving.

Getting Started

iPhone's Bluetooth Setting

In order to use a Bluetooth headset, you’ll need a smartphone — like the iPhone — that supports Bluetooth technology. You’ll also want a headset with a comfortable fit. We recommend the Plantronics Voyager Legend. It’s voice recognition and noise-canceling technology make it a great choice, but an added bonus is its water resistance, so no need to worry if you’re caught in the rain or sweating while you pump some iron at the gym. And if you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with the Plantronics M165 Marque.

Before you begin, make sure that both your smartphone and your Bluetooth headset are fully charged.

Turn the iPhone’s Bluetooth Function On

Before you can pair your iPhone with a Bluetooth headset, the iPhone’s Bluetooth capabilities must be turned on. To do this, you open up the iPhone’s settings menu and select the General settings option.

Once you’re in the General settings, you’ll see the Bluetooth option near the middle of the screen. It will either say “off” or “on.” If it’s off, turn it on by swiping the on/off icon.

Put Your Bluetooth Headset in Pairing Mode

Many headsets go into pairing mode automatically the first time you turn them on. So the first thing you’ll want to try is just turning the headset on, which is usually done by pressing a button. The Jawbone Prime, for example, turns on when you press and hold the Talk button for two seconds. The ​BlueAnt Q1, meanwhile, turns on when you press and hold the Ant button on the headset’s exterior.

If you’ve used the headset before and want to pair it with a new phone, you may need to turn on pairing mode manually. To activate pairing mode on the Jawbone Prime, you need to make sure the headset is turned off. You then press and hold both the Talk button and the Noise Assassin button for four seconds, until you see the small indicator light flash red and white.

To activate pairing mode on the BlueAnt Q1, which supports voice commands, you put the headset in your ear and say “Pair Me.”

Remember that all Bluetooth headsets work slightly differently, so you may need to consult the manual that came with the product you bought.

Pair the Bluetooth Headset With Your iPhone

Once the headset is in pairing mode, your iPhone should “discover” it. On the Bluetooth settings screen, you’ll see the name of the headset appear under the list of devices.

You tap the name of the headset, and the iPhone will connect to it.

You may be asked to enter a PIN; if so, the headset manufacturer should supply the number you need. Once the correct PIN has been entered, the iPhone and the Bluetooth headset are paired.

Now you can begin using the headset.

Make Calls Using Your Bluetooth Headset

To make a call using your Bluetooth headset, you simply dial the number as you normally would. (If you’re using a headset that accepts voice commands, you may be able to dial by voice.)

Once you’ve entered the number to call, your iPhone will present you with a list of options. You can choose to use your Bluetooth headset, your iPhone, or the iPhone’s speakerphone to make the call.

Tap the Bluetooth headset icon and the call will be sent there. Now you should be connected.

You can end the call by using the button on your headset, or by tapping the End Call button on the iPhone’s screen.

Accept Calls Using Your Bluetooth Headset

When a call comes into your iPhone, you can answer it directly from your Bluetooth headset by pressing the appropriate button.

Most Bluetooth headsets have a main button that is designed for this purpose, and it should be easy to find. On the BlueAnt Q1 headset, you press the round button with the ant icon on it, for example. If you’re not sure which of the headset’s buttons you should press, consult the product manual.

You can end the call by using the button on your headset, or by tapping the End Call button on the iPhone’s screen.

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