How To Know That What's Next? I Have Just Got An Ipad

The iPad is quite an impressive device. It’s the best around-the-house web browsing tool, a terrific gaming platform, an eBook reader, perfect for watching movies almost anywhere, a great productivity tool, and much more. Even if you’ve had an iPod or iPhone n the past, setting up and using the iPad is a bit different. There’s a lot to learn, of course, but these tutorials, how-tos, and tips will help you get off and running in the early days of owning an iPad.

Setting Up iPad

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You’ve got to start with the basics, right? That means getting the required software and accounts and understanding the iPad’s hardware. With that done, it’s time to set up your iPad and get started using it.

  • Install iTunes on Mac | on Windows (required for syncing)
  • Create an iTunes Account (required for most services and buying media and apps)
  • How to Set Up an iPad
  • Set up Find My iPad to locate lost/stolen iPad (crucial security feature)

Using iPad

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Once you’ve set up the iPad, the fun really starts. These articles can help you learn some basic tasks.

  • How to Sync iPad
  • Connecting iPad to Wi-Fi Networks
  • How to Download Music to iPad
  • How To Download Photos to iPad
  • How to Connect USB Devices to iPad
  • How to use FaceTime on the iPad
  • How to Backup iPad
  • How to Text on the iPad
  • How to Use The Dock In iOS 11 and iOS 12

The iPad as eBook Reader

buying at ibooks store, step 2

Among its many features, the iPad is designed to be a great e-book reader, a device that can replace an Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble NOOK on your nightstand. These articles compare the three and help you use the iPad to replace shelves of books.

  • Buying eBooks at the i Books Store
  • Top eBook Apps for iPhone & iPad
  • Best Comic Apps for iPhone & iPad
  • Comparing e-Readers: iPad vs. Kindle vs. Nook
  • eBook Formats Supported by iPad

Getting and Using iPad Apps

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The iPad itself is great, but what makes it truly special is the hundreds of thousands of apps available at the App Store. With them, your iPad can do practically anything.

  • Getting and Installing Apps
  • The Best Apps on Dozens of Categories
  • Getting iPhone Apps Without iTunes?
  • Can Apps Be Synced to Multiple Devices?
  • Creating Folders for Apps

Games on the iPad

games on the ipad
image credit: Dan Porges/Taxi/Getty Images

Games are addictive on the iPad. From puzzlers to shooters to sports to platforms and beyond, the iPad’s huge screen and intuitive controls make playing games on it super fun. When it comes to gaming, here are a few things you should know:

  • Every Apple Game of the Year, Ever
  • 25 Best iPhone Games of All Time
  • 10 of the Best iOS Puzzle Games
  • 10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had iPhone Games
  • The Best Free iPad Games

Advanced iPad Use

advanced ipad use
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Once you’ve got the basics down, check out these articles. Whether you want to use your iPad at work, on a plane, or just for fancier things around the house, with these advanced tips on using your iPad, you’ll be a pro in no time flat.

  • 12 Things You Didn’t Know the iPad Could Do
  • How to Fix a Slow iPad
  • How to Travel With an iPad
  • How to Connect the iPad to Your TV Wirelessly or With Cables
  • 6 Hidden iPad Secrets That Will Turn You Into a Pro
  • How to Rock Your iPad at Work
  • 17 Ways Siri Can Help You Be More Productive
  • How to Control Your PC From Your iPad
  • Turn Your iPad Into a Scanner

iPad Help & Support

iPad Battery Replacement
image credit: Paul Thompson/Corbis Documentary/Getty Images

The iPad is generally easy to use and reliable, but sometimes things go wrong. When they do, these articles will help you fix them.

  • How to Fix a Frozen iPad
  • 15 Tips to Conserve iPad Battery Life
  • 4 Options for Replacing a Dead iPad Battery
  • Where to Download Manuals for Every iPad Model
  • Does Apple Provide iPad Battery Replacement?
  • Can You Jailbreak iPad?
  • What to Do When Your iPad Won’t Rotate
  • How to Fix: My iPad is Zoomed In or Shows a Magnifying Glass

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