How To Get The Missing Manual In Windows Vista

The Bottom Line

“Windows Vista: The Missing Manual” lives up to the phrase stamped on the cover that reads The book that should have been in the box. You can say that again.

“Windows Vista: The Missing Manual” really would have been the perfect addition to the boxed version of Windows Vista. It walks you through every bit of the entire operating system and does so in an incredibly clear and non-threatening way (this is the part that makes the book very much unlike a real manual!)

Basically, if you have Windows Vista, you should get this book. It’s that good. I have no doubt that you’ll be peeking at it years into your use of Vista.


  • Discusses nearly every single part of Windows Vista
  • Language is clear and isn’t too technical
  • Writing is honest – the authors don’t love every part of Windows Vista and aren’t afraid to say so
  • Screen shot usage is very appropriate – lots of visual examples but it’s no picture book either


  • If you’re looking for in-depth coverage of a part of Vista, this isn’t the book for you


  • “Windows Vista: The Missing Manual” is well organized and indexed making it a great reference book.
  • The huge number of Windows Vista features are each clearly and accurately explained making the book great for all levels.
  • The very different and sometimes intimidating new Windows Vista start menu is deconstructed and completely explained.
  • All 5 versions of Windows Vista are covered. The book clearly explains which versions the features are included in.
  • In addition to included features, “Windows Vista: The Missing Manual” discusses hardware, drivers, networks and other topics.
  • Also includes lots of tips on speeding up Windows Vista, troubleshooting, disk management and more.
  • Includes a great reference of every “secret (or not so secret)” keyboard shortcut available in Windows Vista.
  • Maybe best of all is Appendix C. This section shows where all those lost items from Windows XP ended up – if anywhere.

Guide Review – Windows Vista: The Missing Manual

Don’t let the fact that the word manual is in the title of this book. This isn’t the dry reading material found with nearly every gadget on Earth. “Windows Vista: The Missing Manual​” is clear, to the point, and was written to actually be read.

If you have or are planning on purchasing Windows Vista, I highly recommend that you also pick up a copy of “Windows Vista: The Missing Manual” by David Pogue. As the title suggests, this really is full of great information that should have been included with your Windows Vista purchase.

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