How To Get 8 Best Identify Theft Protection Services For 2019


If there’s anything you can expect to see in the technology industry in the coming years, it’s an increased number of threats to your personal data. Malicious hackers continue to target user data by employing a variety of scams, including phishing, malware, and more. What’s worse, those hackers have also picked up the pace of attacks on companies that house consumer information. So even if you have strong personal security and know how to sniff out possible threats and eliminate them before your data is stolen, it’s possible that everyone from your bank to your accountant could fall victim to an attack that will leave your most sensitive information readily accessible to criminals. Once that info is stolen, all kinds of trouble can erupt, from fraudulent credit card charges to severely damaged credit scores.

Given all that, several companies are now selling identity theft protection services. Those offerings don’t necessarily promise to keep you safe from hacks, but they do promise to keep an eye on your most important info and inform you when a hacker might have targeted you. So, if you’re interested in safeguarding your identity and the identities of those you love, read on for our roundup of the best solutions.

Our Top Picks

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LifeLock is one of the more popular solutions in the identity theft protection business, and that’s largely due to its compelling collection of high-quality features and a price that won’t break the bank. When you sign up for LifeLock, you’ll find the process only takes a few minutes. After downloading it to your device of choice and installing Norton Security along with it, you’ll need to input personal information like your social security number, birth-date, address, phone number, and more. Once that’s complete, LifeLock will take it from there.

The service will analyze anything that might happen in your life that could have an impact on your security. If it sees that there’s been a big purchase on a credit card, LifeLock will ask you if you made the purchase. LifeLock will, of course, monitor your credit report to see if someone is using your social security number and if you want to find out if people are committing crimes in your names, LifeLock will help you out.

LifeLock’s top-of-the-line plan adds on credit reporting and credit scores, as well as an analysis of 401(k) and investment accounts, so you never need to worry about someone tapping into your retirement. If things go awry, LifeLock will assign you a specialist who will help you clear your name and fix your credit history. Better yet, you can even be reimbursed with up to $1 million in stolen funds, depending on the plan you choose.

Best Budget: Complete ID

Complete ID
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Complete ID is another nice identity theft protection service that doesn’t confuse customers with too many plans or options. Instead, the company allows you to safeguard your identity while also saving a few bucks with its affordable plans.

Complete ID comes out of the box with a variety of monitoring features, including the ability to monitor fraud in your name, address changes, and Dark Web information that might have been published. You’ll also find the option to monitor payday loans and get up to $1 million identity theft insurance.

In addition to helping you keep safe from threats, Complete ID will monitor investment accounts and corporate data breaches and if you want help watching your children’s information, it can do that, as well. Best of all, if you ever lose your wallet, Complete ID will help you turn off accounts and get new cards. Arguably, the best Complete ID feature is its price. Since it’s associated with Costco, the company has been able to make its service affordable.

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IdentityForce is a popular service that comes with a slew of features that aim at protecting your finances, credit, and much more. The service allows for advanced fraud monitoring and evaluates whether there have been any address changes, Dark Web notices, or payday loans in your name. You can also use the service to track your medical ID and turn on two-factor authentication to reduce chances of people stealing your credentials.

When you turn on IdentityForce, you’ll find the option to get alerts on a variety of topics, including suspicious bank or credit card activity, identity threats, and more. Should something go wrong, you can get insurance for up to $1 million. If you opt for a higher-end plan from IdentityForce, you’ll get all of the above features plus added credit monitoring and credit score tracking.

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If you’re looking for a service that you can easily turn on and quickly set up without needing additional services, ID Watchdog might be a good bet. The service provides a variety of protective features, including the ability to monitor 37 billion records, ranging from housing, court, and criminal records to certifications and licenses. ID Watchdog is also capable of analyzing payday loans and the Dark Web to see if any information on you has found its way to the internet’s black market. Like most other services in this roundup, you’ll also find credit report monitoring out of the box.

The nice thing about ID Watchdog is that it makes it easy to see what’s happening with your file. And if the company finds out that something on you has been stolen, it’ll send your e-mail and SMS notifications to keep you safe. Arguably ID Watchdog’s best feature, however, is its price. It’s a nice, affordable option that won’t break the bank.

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IDShield’s identity theft protection service is all about helping you find the best solution for your unique needs. First and foremost, its cheapest plan is designed to protect just you. It comes with complete monitoring of your identity across the Dark Web and social media. It’ll also let you know if your name has cropped up in criminal databases or even sex offender registries. Since it can also stay atop of corporate data breaches, you’ll also know if there’s a possibility that your sensitive information was taken in a company hacking.

IDShield will send you monthly updates to let you know what’s happening and inform you of any possible problems. In the event it finds something, however, you’ll be immediately notified. In addition to monitoring, IDShield offers a password manager and will help you restore information whenever there are problems. You can also get unlimited consultation with an expert. And best of all, IDShield will give you $5 million in insurance. IDShield is available in single and family plans.

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Intelius offers something that few other companies in the industry will: a free trial. That might not sound like much, but it really is. The trouble with identity theft services at times is that they can be expensive and you might not like what they have to offer. Offering a free trial gives you far more flexibility and makes Intelius IndentityProtect compelling.

With Identity Protect, you’ll be able to get an instant credit report and score and find out who’s been looking at your information. Additionally, Intelius’ service will be able to search through public records to find issues and will send you alerts at the first sign of trouble. If you’ve become a fraud victim, Intelius gives you 24/7 access to fraud-resolution experts. You’ll also be able to take advantage of $1 million in identity theft insurance.

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Identity Guard offers a variety of plans for individuals and families alike. In fact, if you’re looking for a solution that protects both you and your kids, Identity Guard is one worth considering. At the core of the Identity Guard experience is IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence platform. With it, the service uses artificial intelligence to analyze possible threats and respond accordingly. It features the ability to analyze your credit reports and let you know when you might be facing a phishing scam. If your name lands on the Web somewhere or your bank account has been targeted, you’ll get an alert.

Additionally, Identity Guard promises support for social media, so you can keep track of possible threats. And if there’s a chance that your browsing behavior could land you in trouble, Identity Guard can help you out. Identity Guard is available for individuals and families. The family option covers all the adults and children living in your home.

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PrivacyGuard is designed to protect you in a variety of ways. But arguably one of its most enticing features is its ability to reduce the number of annoying pre-approval credit offers you’ll get in the mail.

With PrivacyGuard’s help, you can monitor a variety of areas where your identity might be stolen, including on social media, the Dark Web, and in public records. It’ll also provide you with a financial calculate suite, so you can get a better hold of your finances. Since it offers ID fraud-resolution support, you can also quickly address problems if they crop up.

In addition to monitoring potential criminal activity, PrivacyGuard aims at protecting your credit and your financial well-being. If you ever lose your wallet, it’ll work with you to get new credit cards and reduce the chance of criminals stealing your information. PrivacyGuard’s pricing isn’t especially low or high, which makes it a nice middle-of-the-road choice for those on a fixed budget.

Our Process

Our writers spent 4 hours researching the most popular identity theft protection services on the market. Before making their final recommendations, they considered 10 different services and read over 50 user reviews (both positive and negative). All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust.

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