How Can You Setting Or Changing Finger Prints & Ipad Passwords

Maybe you have a nosy roommate. Perhaps some evildoer snatched your precious iPad. Regardless, adding an extra layer of security to protect your data is always a good idea.

The good news is that setting up a password for an iPad is pretty easy. Before you do so, however, you might want to make a backup of your iPad via iTunes. That way, you can restore from backup in case you forget your pass code in the future without having to restore it as a new device. (If you do make a backup when a password has already been made, you will have to restore your iPad as a new device if you forget your password, unfortunately.

Setting Up Your iPad Password

iPad passcode set-up
Screenshot by admin

To start the password creation process, click on the Settings icon or app from your main screen (it’s the one that looks like gears).

In the Settings menu, click General. This will bring out several options to your right. On older iPads with an older version of iOS such as the one shown above, you can click Passcode Lock, which will be the seventh option from the top. For iOS 9, particularly for new iPads and iPhones with the finger sensor, the option is called Touch ID & Pass code. If you’re changing passcodes, you will need to enter your current one to continue.

Choosing a Passcode for Your iPad

4-digit Passcode Screenshot
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You will be asked to pick a 4-digit code for your password. Or you could succumb to your inner paranoia like me and enter eight numbers. To be sure you picked the right passcode, you will be prompted to enter it again. Congratulations, you now have a password for your iPad. For folks changing their passcode on both old or new versions of iOS, just click Change Passcode.

Setting Your iPad Password Options

 Once you have a password, you can continue to fine tune your settings. Photo by admin

Once you have an iPad password, you can fine tune your set up via several options:

  • Turn Passcode Off: If your device never leaves your house or you want to live dangerously, this one’s for you.
  • Change Passcode: As mentioned previously, this allows you to change your password.
  • Require Passcode: Lets you set how quickly you want the iPad to require a password. More on this in the next page.
  • Erase Data: Lets you set an automatic to erase feature where the iPad erases all everything after 10 unsuccessful attempts in a row to enter a password; just in case some unauthorized person tries to use your iPad.
  • Add a Fingerprint: For newer iPads (or iPhones) with fingers sensors, you can add a fingerprint (or two) for extra convenience when unlocking your device. Note that the iPad will still require your passcode when accessing the device after powering it off.

Setting the Required Time for Your iPad passcode

Passcode security options
Screenshot by admin

The “Require Passcode” tab lets you set the amount of time that passes by before your iPad asks for a password. “Immediately” is just as it sounds; the device will request that you enter a password upon turning on the device or waking it up from sleep. Otherwise, you can pick a time range between a minute

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