How Can You Know That Definitive Guide Review Of Windows 7

“Windows 7: The Definitive Guide is exactly that – definitive. Just about everything worth discussing about Windows 7 is in this 990-page book by William R. Stank.

“Windows 7: The Definitive Guide” does a superb job of walking you through nearly every aspect of Windows 7 in a clear and understandable language but also in a detail that I have yet to see in any other Windows 7 book in its class.

I don’t give 4 1/2 stars to many products I look at but “Windows 7: The Definitive Guide” deserves every one. It’s the Windows 7 book that should be on every owner’s bookshelf.


  • Explains every aspect of Windows 7 in amazing detail
  • Writing is concise and easy to understand
  • Full of practical Windows 7 information – it’s not a book of theory or overly explained concepts
  • Works equally well as a reference guide and a textbook of sorts for Windows 7
  • Perfect for someone at least somewhat familiar with an older version of Windows


  • Not for someone new to PCs or Windows


  • Book contains a thorough but easy to understand collection of installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting topics.
  • “Windows 7: The Definitive Guide” is very well indexed and organized making it an excellent reference book.
  • Every button and menu option is fully explained, removing confusion from the many terms used throughout Windows 7.
  • Troubleshooting information provided in “Windows 7: The Definitive Guide” is included by topic, a more logical approach.
  • Frequent use of tables is a welcome alternative to complicated comparisons often found in similar Windows books.
  • The incredible detail in “Windows 7: The Definitive Guide” is not at all overwhelming, which was a surprise.
  • Includes detailed instructions for installing drivers, adjusting virtual memory, and hundreds of other complicated tasks.
  • Important differences between Windows 7 and older Windows versions are well explained in “Windows 7: The Definitive Guide”.

My Thoughts on Windows 7: The Definitive Guide

At the very top of the copy of “Windows 7: The Definitive Guide” that I’m looking at right now, it says “The Essential Resource for Professionals and Power Users”. While in my opinion that statement is entirely accurate, it’s not as inclusive as I would have phrased it.

Granted, the marketing folks might not have liked it as much, but “The Essential Resource for Professionals, Power Users, and Anyone Planning on Getting the Most from Windows 7” might have been a better fit… even though it might not have fit on the actual cover.

“Windows 7: The Definitive Guide” is not only an amazingly thorough reference to Windows 7, it’s also an expertly written, real-world manual to what is arguably Microsoft’s best operating system ever.

William Stank, in nothing short of an act of genius, has published a serious amount of Windows 7 information in a way that’s digestible by both the novice but enthusiastic Windows 7 user down the street and the Windows 7 administrator at Fortune 500, Inc.

If I haven’t made it clear yet, the most important thing that “Windows 7: The Definitive Guide” does is make available a lot of Windows 7 information to a very wide variety of skill sets. If you don’t want to learn about what IPv6 actually means then just skip that section. You don’t have to fully comprehend one chapter to fully understand the next.

If you currently use or are planning on purchasing Windows 7, I highly recommend that you also pick up a copy of “Windows 7: The Definitive Guide” by William Stank. You’ll quickly learn how to use, customize, and – most importantly to my readers – take care of your Windows 7 PC.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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