How Can You Delete Apps On Apple TV

If you’ve got an app on your Apple TV that you don’t like or no longer want, you’re in luck: it’s easy to delete apps on Apple TV. All you need are a couple of clicks on the remote control and the app will be gone. But there’s more to deleting apps on Apple TV than that. Read to learn some useful tips and tricks.

This article primarily focuses on the 4th Gen. Apple TV and Apple TV 4K running tv OS 11 and 12. In a few places, though, there are tips that apply to the 2nd and 3rd Gen. Apple TV models, too.

How to Delete Apps on Apple TV From the Home Screen

Deleting Apple TV apps from the Home Screen is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Use the remote control to highlight the app you want to delete.

    apple tv homescreen
  2. Click and hold the remote control button until the apps on the home screen start shaking.

    screenshot of apple tv home with app selected
  3. Click the Play/Pause button on the remote.

  4. In the menu that pops up, use the remote to highlight the Delete option and then click the remote.

    screenshot of deleting apple tv app
  5. The app is deleted from your Apple TV.

How to Delete Apps on Apple TV From the Settings App

The pre-loaded Settings app on the Apple TV also lets you delete apps (you’ll probably want this option if you’re looking to free up space by deleting apps that use a lot of storage). To use delete apps this way, follow these steps:

  1. Use the remote control to select the Settings app, then click the remote control to open the app.

  2. Click General.

    screenshot of apple tv settings
  3. Scroll down to the Usage section and click Manage Storage.

    screenshot of managing apple tv storage
  4. Scroll through the list of apps until you find the one you want to delete. Make sure it’s highlighted.

    screenshot of apple tv storage
  5. Click the remote control to select the app you want to delete.

  6. On the screen that pops up, click Delete.

    screenshot of deleting apple tv app
  7. The app is deleted from your Apple TV.

How to Hide Apps on Apple TV

If you want to keep an app, but just not see it on your home screen, consider hiding the app in a folder instead. For instructions on how to create a folder and tips on dealing with apps on the Apple TV, read How to Manage Apps on Apple TV.

On the 2nd Gen. and 3rd Gen. Apple TV models, you can only hide apps, not delete them (that’s because users can’t install their own apps on these models). For those models, follow all of the steps for deleting apps from earlier, but select Hide instead of Delete in the last step. TO unhide apps on those models, go to Settings > Main Menu.

How to Delete Apps on Multiple Apple TVs at Once

If you have more than one Apple TV (4th Gen. or 4K models only), you can set them to delete apps from all devices at the same time. You just need to use the One Home Screen feature, which makes sure all of your Apple TVs have the same apps, arranged in the sam way, on their home screen. To enable One Home Screen:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Select Accounts.

  3. Select iCloud.

  4. Toggle the One Home Screen option to On.

  5. Now, any time you make a change to the apps or layout on one of your Apple TVs, the others will use i Cloud to automatically update to match.

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