How Can You Customize Your Windows Browser

Today’s browsers are flush with exciting features that make our everyday experience on the Web much better than it used to be. Innovations such as tabs, extensions, and private mode have added a new dimension to previously simple browser applications. Some of these new features are highly customization, giving you the ability to tailor your favorite browser to your liking.

Want to learn how to customize your favorite Windows browser? Check out these step-by-step tutorials on how to change your browser’s look and feel as well as how to enhance its capabilities.

Customize Opera 10 Using Skins

Opera Skins

The Opera browser lets you alter its appearance by modifying the color scheme as well as choosing from dozens of downloadable skins. This tutorial shows you how to locate and install free skins as well as change Opera’s color scheme.

Customize Firefox 3.6 Using Personas

Firefox personas

Personas is a feature that allows you to quickly change the look and feel of your Firefox browser. With thousands of colorful and creative themes to choose from, Personas gives you the ability to instantly give Firefox a fresh coat of paint as often as you wish. Learn the ins and outs of Personas in just a few painless minutes.

Customize Google Chrome 5 Using Themes

Chrome Themes

Themes in Google Chrome can be used to modify the visual appearance of your browser, altering everything from your scrollbar to the background color of your tabs. Chrome provides a very simple interface to locate and install new themes. This tutorial explains how to utilize that interface.

Customize Safari 5 Using Extensions

Safari Extensions

Apple’s Safari 5 offers several extensions that can do almost anything, including changing the visual characteristics of the browser interface. Finding and installing these extensions is a fairly simple process, and this tutorial shows you exactly how it’s done.

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