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Windows RT was Microsoft’s initial tentative step towards delivery Windows into the mobile age. free aboard Windows eight in 2012, Windows RT was solely ever obtainable on choose devices. though Microsoft has out of print the package, you will still end up with a Windows RT device, as extended support runs till 2023. Here’s everything you wish to understand concerning Microsoft’s mobile-first edition of Windows eight.

Note: Windows RT was Associate in Nursing edition of Windows eight, and was updated to Windows RT eight.1. it is also famous by its Pre-release code name, Windows on Arm (WOA), to not be confused with Windows Run time (WinRT), a programming interface for Windows initial introduced in Windows eight.

What Was Windows RT?
Most editions of Windows are developed to figure on x86 and x64 processor architectures, and for several years you’ll purchase either edition counting on your computer’s internal elements.

With the increase of mobile computing on smartphones and tablets, makers began planning System on a Chip (SoC) circuits specifically for mobile devices. a number of the foremost well-liked SoCs use the 32-bit ARM design, leading Microsoft to settle on this configuration for his or her Windows Soc support.

Windows eight saw Microsoft overhaul the planning of Windows, making a brand new style language ab initiation called railway system, however currently formally known as the Microsoft style Language (MDL).

Screenshot of Windows RT 8.1 Start Menu with customization options displayed

Windows eight featured a brand new full screen begin menu with touch-friendly tiles, and also the addition of the Windows Store, that contained downloadable apps written victimization Windows Run time. These apps might run on x86, x64, and ARM architectures.

Screenshot of the traditional Windows Desktop mode in Windows RT 8.1

For x86 and x64 devices, behind the new begin menu, was the normal Windows desktop aboard some new options and a changed UI. because of its restraints, Windows RT did not support ancient code, instead relying only on the new Windows Store.

Which Devices Run Windows RT?
Microsoft historically does not implement several controls on devices capable of running Windows, however they created Associate in Nursing exception for Windows RT. They worked closely with makers and designed to strict specifications to uphold a high quality level across all Windows RT devices.

Due to this strict management, solely some of Windows RT devices were ever free. They are:

Microsoft Surface
Microsoft Surface two
Asus VivoTab RT
Dell XPS ten
Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga eleven
Nokia Lumia 2520
Samsung Ativ Tab

How will Windows RT Work?
The design and basic perform of Windows RT is incredibly just like Windows eight and Windows eight.1. once you initial boot the device, the full screen begin menu are shown with live tiles that update throughout the day.

Screenshot of Windows RT 8.1 Apps list showing customization options

The Start menu screen is customizable, permitting you to pin your favorite apps and size their tiles. Swiping up from rock bottom of the screen displays an inventory of all presently put in apps.

Unlike regular editions of Windows eight, Windows RT solely comes with a restricted quantity of computer code pre-installed. All Windows RT devices embody workplace 2013 Home & Student RT, that ab initio enclosed Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and One Note. Outlook was additionally supplemental as a part of the Windows eight.1 update.

Screenshot of Word RT Product Information screen on Windows RT 8.1

Microsoft launched their final Windows RT device, the Surface a pair of in Oct 2013, and discontinued it and Windows RT once stocks of the device ran get in Jan 2015. the corporate instead shifted their focus to their Surface professional line of own-brand devices.

As Microsoft failed to offer associate degree upgrade path for Windows RT from Windows eight.1 to Windows 10, thought support for Windows RT led to Jan 2018. However, extended support runs till Jan ten, 2023.

With Windows ten, Microsoft aimed to make one core edition of Windows that might meet all devices and architectures. However, they did launch a non secular successor to Windows RT in 2017, called Windows ten S. This edition of Windows ten was conjointly feature restricted, and will solely install apps from the Windows Store. Windows ten S was discontinued in Jan 2018.

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